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Free Cupping* Clients over 60 years old* Clients going for Umrah or Haj By Appointment only.

What is the Hijama Society of South Africa

A Group of  Trained Professionals with a sound Hijama background reviving an age-old practice.

"There is a remedy for every disease and when the remedy is applied to the disease it is cured with the permission of Allah
(Glorious is He and He is Exalted). 
As Recorded in Hadith by Muslim.

I make dua that whoever has the opportunity to heal using Hijama, may receive the Almighties blessings and those who are treated receive Shiffaa and good health. Ameen.

You may contact us directly on 076 138 2912 - Nazira Bee Yasin or 082 888 7177 - Afzul Yasin